Safety Products

Safer Workplaces Start with the Right Supplies

Find the personal protective and facility safety equipment you need at Workplace Central. We offer an extensive assortment of essential safety products at affordable prices. From goggles to fire extinguishers to safety cones, we make it simple to stock the products that reduce injury and ensure the health and safety of employees while keeping your workplace secure.

Our products include:

  • Latex gloves
  • Defibrillators & body fluid spill kits
  • Caution signs & floor mats
  • Locks, keys & security devices
  • Earplugs, masks & safety goggles
  • Alarms, smoke detectors & fire extinguishers
  • Safety cones, batons & light sticks
  • Cords and safety wires

Contact us to secure your business with effective safety solutions from Workplace Central today.